Student Startups Open Offices in EnterpriseWorks

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: June 2, 2010

EnterpriseWorks is pleased to partner with Illinois Launch and the University of Illinois to host 17 student startup companies this summer in our incubator. The teams will be working on building their businesses to the next level and learning valuable entrepreneur training as part of the program. 

  • uses the mass network of Twitter and the untapped revenue it holds to generate money for charity 
  • Citus Medical provides a rapid diagnostic solution tailored for tuberculosis and HIV in rural India. 
  • Illini Prosthetics is the Lemelson prize winning team that provide people in developing nations with a low-cost prosthetic arm; our vision is that all people in the world would have two functional arms. 
  • Intelliwheels uses a gear shifting system to make pushing a wheelchair easier during everyday life.
  • Mooverang is a fee based online address change solution. Users input their change of address information once and the service automates notification to companies and contacts of the address change. 
  • P & H Security is a standard deadbolt design modified to incorporate a wireless receiver that, when triggered, will either lock or unlock the door depending on its initial condition. 
  • PrintEco makes plug-ins for MS office, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Firefox to reduce printing costs for companies and consumers. 
  • REL, Inc is developing software that saves the banking industry money, alleviates consumers’ financial stress and resolves the unethical stigma associated with pay-day-loans.
  • Reuseanomics creates sustainable products by repurposing waste into products and offering consulting services to business on sustainable practices. 
  • Tiesta Tea is selling specialty teas to serve a growing demand for premium beverages 
  • Travel Perks builds tools and services that allow consumers to securely pay for family vacation in installment payments regardless of credit or income status.
  • UTicketIT allows individuals and organizations to easily sell tickets to their events on-line. 
  • Wi-Go is an inexpensive laptop alternative that give a customer the ability to remotely control a computer
  • Yottaclick uses robust highly scalable technologies to track information, classify users, and provide advertisers and publishers the opportunity to target users based on real time preferences. 
  • Orange QC has a software as a service business that monitors quality control and sends out real time alerts and reporting for the janitorial service marker. OrangeQC allows users to track and analyze quality control inspections in real time using mobile devices so they can run more efficiently. 
  • Merge.FM is a web application that merges fans and musicians during songwriting. MergeFM connects fans and musicians through a unique exposure to the creative process of making music.