SimBioSys, Inc. Inspired by Fox Family Entrepreneurship Program

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: January 16, 2018

SimBioSys, Inc., a startup company at EnterpriseWorks, was inspired by the Fox Family Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. 

Co-Founder Joe Peterson participated in the entrepreneurship program to learn more about entrepreneurship and product development while he was studying to earn his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Illinois. 

The program introduces academics to entrepreneurship and has the participants develop their own business plans while they learn more about finances, intellectual property, marketing, product development, and more. 

Peterson took what he learned through the program and joined forces with biophysicist John Cole Jr. to found SimBioSys, Inc. based on Peterson and Cole’s doctoral research in computational biology. The technology they are working to develop would allow doctors and scientists to peer into diseased tissue to see how cells are interacting. 

Learn more about how this technology works here.