Rithmio’s Relationship with Illinois Highlighted by Built in Chicago

Category : Features
Posted on: July 20, 2015

EnterpriseWorks tenant Rithmio is expanding at a rapid pace, recently raising a $3M seed round. Rithmio develops gesture recognition technology for wearable devices.

Writes Built in Chicago: “With Rithmio’s motion gesture software, wearable tech like smart watches and smartphones (as well as prospective wearables like fitness clothing) can track, analyze, and ultimately personalize repetitive movement. But Rithmio isn’t interested in using the technology to develop their own applications.”

This isn’t Rithmio’s first time in the spotlight. The company won the Cozad New Venture Competition in 2014, and walked away with a $25,000 prize. Their victory at the startup competition led to an additional $650,000 in funding from investors.

Rithmio CEO and founder Adam Tilton told Built in Chicago that he plans to expand the company’s Champaign and Chicago offices. He also highlighted his company’s relationship with the University.

Writes Built in Chicago: “Tilton said he intends to grow both the Chicago and Champaign offices concurrently. And, according to Tilton, Chicago is a stellar landing ground for young, talented engineers and developers—especially for Chicagoland Illini who don’t necessarily want to start their professional lives away from their families on the bookends of the country.

“Our core technology and most of our founding team originated from the University of Illinois,” Tilton said. “We maintain a strong connection with UIUC, and continue to source top tech talent for both internship and full-time positions.”