Rithmio Makes Top Six Pitches of 2014

Category : Recognition & Awards
Posted on: December 10, 2014

Managing director at Hyde Park Venture Partners, Guy Turner, tells Crain’s Business why Rithmio caught his eye:

“First, the technology is impressive, and Adam can demonstrate how well it works, Secondly, Adam is an engineer with a strong knack for business, and he’s incredibly passionate. He’s the kind of guy you look at and say, ‘This guy is going to have a billion-dollar company.’ “

Rithmio received $650,000 from Hyde Park Venture Partners, which will be used to acceleration operational and technical development.

Rithmio is a gesture recognition platform that can be embedded in wearable devices like activity trackers and cell phones.  The software adapts to users movements and can analyze performance in activities like weightlifting or running. 

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