Research Park Installs Play Equipment In Memory of Brokish Family

Category : Research Park
Posted on: July 20, 2018

The Research Park has a new attraction that will make its debut as this year’s Outside at Research Park concert: play equipment.

The Global Spinner looks like its name — a globe that spins. Kids can climb, rotate, and explore two levels in this fun-filled structure. Many kids can climb and traverse the 14 nets simultaneously. And it’s not just for kids – grownups can play on the structure, too.

The spinner will provide hours of fun for those who use it, but it has another purpose: it is a memorial to the late Jessica Weinhold-Brokish and her three young children, Finnegan, Liam, and Amelia, who passed away in a car accident in March. A plaque will be installed at a later date. 

Jessica Weinhold-Brokish was a longtime employee of Common Ground Research Networks, which is located in the Research Park. Her surviving husband, Jeff, works at Riverbed, also in the Research Park. 

“The Brokishes have been part of the Research Park for many years,” said Research Park director Laura Frerichs. “The spinner adds to the family-friendly tech community at the Research Park, and was a way to memorialize our community’s tragic loss.”

Riverbed, Common Ground Research Networks, and Fox/Atkins Development also participated in helping to bring the project to fruition.