Purchase of 2001 S. First St. by Arvum Partners LLC

Category : Research Park
Posted on: August 23, 2019

Research Park’s “State Farm Building” at 2001 S. First St., has found new a new owner under Arvum Partners LLC. The company is now under contract to buy the building next month.

One of the entities involved with Arvum Partners LLC is commercial real-estate firm Oxford Partners. The company is Texas based but have offices located in the Midwest.

For the many tenants there, not much should change with the new owners. As the new owners of 2001 S. First St., Arvum Partners LLC does not plan on changing much, allowing for a smooth transition.

“The new owners, if they’re able to close on this, have made it clear that their intent is to keep the tenants happy, and that tenant-servicing is a priority for them, and that they want to see a well-maintained facility,”  UI Research Park Director Laura Frerichs said. “And that’s important to us as well.”

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