News-Gazette profiles Quicket

Category : Features
Posted on: June 4, 2015

The News-Gazette profiles EnterpriseWorks’ newest tenant, Quicket Solutions. Quicket has developed a system that simplifies writing tickets for police officers and transmits the information to court systems, the Illinois secretary of state’s office and other government agencies. Quicket was founded by a University of Illinois alumni Christiaan Burner, who developed the system during his tenure at the University. 

Wrote the News-Gazette: “The Quicket system digitizes tickets, replacing paper-based citations with a mobile application that allows officers to write tickets digitally and print out a copy for the motorist. The system makes it easier to write tickets for multiple offenses, since repeated information can be copied — and does not have to be entered manually a second time. Quicket also eliminates the problem of legibility. Sometimes cases have to be thrown out because an officer’s writing is indecipherable.”

Quicket has eight full-time employees and five paid interns, and Burner plans to expand his company into Chicago in the future. 

“We think this thing can grow very fast,” Burner told the News-Gazette.