Jacob Kreider of Granular Featured in News-Gazette

Category : Features
Posted on: September 11, 2017

Jacob Kreider, engineering director at Granular, is the latest Research Park affiliate featured on The News-Gazette’s Wired In, which highlights different high-tech difference makers in the community each week. 

Granular is an agriculture software company that helps farmers manage large farms with pinpointed date for more accurate business decisions. The company is based in San Francisco but has it’s regional headquarters at the Research Park in Champaign. It was recently acquired by DuPont, a science and engineering company with a focus in agriculture and nutrition. 

According to Kreider, this new time in the company means growth and hiring and new opportunities for the company to expand outside of the office. 

Kreider is a part of a group of engineers that are responsible for what he calls the FMS side of the operation, which stands for farm mangement software. They work on providing software to farmers that is easy to use and undestand and that they can use to look back on to see what worked in their farm management and what did not. 

Initially drawn to Granular because it gave him an opportunity to build things that help other people, Kreider says his favorite part of the job is finding creative solutions to problems.

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