I2RP Gives Way to Collaboration with Research Park Peers

Categories : Partnerships & Acquisitions, Research Park
Posted on: June 19, 2017

On June 14, The Research Park at the University of Illinois had the opportunity to share their successes and innovations through the Association of University Research Parks program, Introduction to Research Parks (I2RP).


This event was the first of its kind and was a way for people across the country, and even as far as Canada, to bounce ideas off each other to promote even further growth. This is especially helpful to do with peers who already know how Research Parks work, and want other parks in the country to succeed.


Laura Bleill, the Associate Director of The Research Park, says “In some ways we’re competitors so some of our universities, like Purdue and Iowa State and Nebraska, but in other ways, they’re our collaborators. I don’t think we would advance in our careers if we didn’t have this network of our peers.”


The Park is growing rapidly already and is 98% full, as twelve new companies were added in the past year alone. However, the demand for more space is still prevalent.


Laura says “We’re building buildings ‘cause frankly we have a demand that we can’t match right now. And that demand will be satisfied by those new buildings and that means more companies, more opportunities for job growth and creation and more opportunities for students.”


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