Holiday Products Homegrown at Research Park

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Posted on: November 16, 2018

The holidays are approaching, and gift-giving can be hard. Luckily, there are companies right here at the Research Park with commercial products on the market perfect for your loved ones. Here’s what’s available now.


Mousr, by Petronics

This product is perfect for the cat-lovers in your life. EnterpriseWorks startup Petronics released this interactive robotic cat toy this year, and it has experienced massive success since. You can buy your own Mousr here.


RingWing, by RingWing LLC

This flying device invented by University of Illinois alum Benjamin Khachaturian was actually the result of a failed drone-building attempt. That mistake led to the now-patent-pending RingWing! Buy one for your family here.


SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine, by SNOOZ

For the people in your life that need white noise to sleep, this device by EnterpriseWorks affiliate SNOOZ does it all. It uses a real fan to imitate a variety of sounds, including city street noise, office privacy, and more. It’s small and portable, and even includes a nightlight and timer. Sleep better with SNOOZ here.


SpectroBurst Viewer, by SpectroClick

You can see the world through a different lense with the SpectroBurst Viewer by EnterpriseWorks startup SpectroClick. The viewer contains two diffraction gratings and a flashlight, and puts a fun twist on spectroscopy. The kids in your life will love the Diffraction Detective game it comes with! Buy it here.