Frerichs Named Co-Chair of Pritzker’s Jobs and Economic Development Transition Committee

Category : Research Park
Posted on: December 3, 2018

Governor-elect JB Pritzker and Lieutenant Governor-elect Juliana Stratton today named University of Illinois Research Park Director Laura Frerichs co-chair of the transition’s Job Creation and Economic Opportunity Committee.

In addition to Frerichs, the Job Creation and Economic Opportunity Committee will be chaired by Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council President Omar Duque, Illinois Medical District CEO and Executive Director Dr. Suzet McKinney and Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter. It will consist of 37 members.

“Our work will focus on identifying statewide opportunities that grow downstate and urban communities through innovation, small business growth, and workforce development,” said Laura Frerichs, Director of Research Park at the University of Illinois. “Illinois has a vibrant economy with technology and entrepreneurship hubs throughout the state that can generate new economic growth. JB has been a leader in supporting these initiatives and creating catalytic locations such as 1871. I look forward to working on plans with the Job Creation and Economic Opportunity Committee to embrace the diversity of Illinois, create job growth, and build true economic prosperity.”

The announcement and the list of the entire committee can be found in this news release. 

News coverage: Crain’s Chicago Business