Fox News Champaign Features the I-Venture Accelerator Program

Category : Features
Posted on: July 15, 2016

CHAMPAIGN – Fox News (WCCU) took some time this past week to sit down with students participating in the I-Venture Accelerator Program. The program, launched in the Summer of 2015, is designed to support teams of students through the process of starting their own company based on a product or idea they have had. The program provides stipends, funding, expert support, and working space. Space in Research Park is available for use for iVenture recipients.

The WCCU report focused on the student experience. The student teams, who are a select few (only 12 teams of the 44 applicants are accepted), discussed how they are doing it to make a difference in the world, not just to improve their resumés.

“Lead coordinator Ryan Singh says this program is creating new opportunities on the campus and the groups are taking full advantage.  

“They really kind of made a culture shift on our campus,” Singh explains. “And each of these teams as they left for summer and went back to classes, they’re still working on their ventures, but also talking to their peer’s on what’s going on,” he says.”

Watch the Fox News feature here.