EnterpriseWorks Tech Startup, Electroninks, Partners with AutoDesk

Category : Partnerships & Acquisitions
Posted on: July 30, 2014

Electroninks, a University of Illinois technology startup, has recently made strides in providing its flagship product, CircuitScribe, to consumers and educators by partnering with AutoDesk. After raising just under $700,000 in its successful Kickstarter campaign, Electroninks caught the eye of the technology and design giant.

“Through our partnership with AutoDesk, we will open the doors even wider by providing a platform for circuit simulation to the education and maker communities.”  – Analisa Russo, lead developer of the Electroninks CircuitScribe

Electroninks moved into the EnterpriseWorks incubator in Champaign in 2013 and has already surpassed its Kickstarter goal and secured industry contacts with its development of circuit-reactive pens. With the recent partnership, the real-world applications of Electroninks can revolutionize the way circuits are taught and help educators forge the future of technology.

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