EnterpriseWorks Startup Wins $2,500 in Prize Money at Pitch Madness Competition

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Posted on: July 27, 2021

Alex Kosyakov, co-founder of Natrion, came in first place at the fourth annual University Pitch Madness Competition hosted by Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul University. During the event, participating universities throughout the Midwest showcased their best student entrepreneurs. Each university had one representative, and Natrion will be represented the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Natrion is one of the newer student startup tenants at EnterpriseWorks. They received $2,500 in prize money for their company pitch.

These students pitched their startups via Zoom, and a panel of judges then determined the most innovative business idea amongst the student startups from the participating universities. Student start-ups chosen by the judges were awarded a share of $10,000 in prize money.

Natrion pitched its new product, Lithium Solid Ionic Conductor (LISIC), which combines a proprietary high-performance ceramic made from a clay mineral that is already used in cosmetics and paper, with a type of plastic that’s typically found in building fire insulation. The result is a component that can be integrated into existing battery assembly lines in place of liquid electrolytes to eliminate battery fire risks.

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