EnterpriseWork’s startup Natrion listed as a leader in TechCrunch

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Posted on: July 12, 2023

Natrion CEO Alex Kosyakov was pleasantly surprised to find that his company was recently listed as a startup leader in battery component technology by popular tech news outlet TechCrunch.

“I spoke to Haje [the article author] earlier in June and I thought he was just researching the industry more broadly… I had no idea that he would write so much about Natrion, so that was definitely a pleasant surprise when the article came out.” – Alex Kosyakov, Natrion CEO

At EnterpriseWorks, Natrion aims to resolve some of the greatest issues that automakers and battery manufacturers face today by pushing the capabilities of battery technologies. With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming increasingly more popular and desired within the mass market, their mission is to offer power alternatives for electric vehicles, taking a step closer to cleaner mobility.

TechCrunch name-dropped the startup in a summary of the LG Energy Solution Battery Challenge, in which Natrion ranked as one of the top 10 finalists, competing against 116 other startups from 22 countries.

Natrion placed at the Challenge with its polyer-ceramic solid-state electrolyte material, called the lithium solid ionic composite, and their impressive demonstration of their high-performing solid-state lithium-metal battery cells.

TechCrunch wrote, “If Natrion can scale up its production, which it believes it can, then it could bring about considerable changes to battery technology.”

Other than the feature, what truly shocked Kosyakov was that Natrion was featured alongside some of the biggest industry players, including Nissan, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz.

“What we appreciate most about it is that [the writer] begins the piece with an overview of the larger, more established, and better funded players in our industry before pivoting to talking about us,” elaborated Kosyakov. “Even though we’ve raised 100 times less money than some of the other companies in the space, we’re right there with them. As far as technological process, it’s nice to be acknowledged like that.”

Natrion is a team of 18, and expects to scale-up significantly, especially in terms of production and yield optimization. Currently the team is prototyping systems and processes, with the intention of building a pilot production line in 2024.

EnterpriseWork's startup Natrion listed as a leader in TechCrunch 6 EnterpriseWork's startup Natrion listed as a leader in TechCrunch

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