Nine Cozad New Venture Challenge Teams Receive Awards from EnterpriseWorks

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Posted on: June 17, 2024

ClimeCast wins 3rd place at 2024 Cozad New Venture Challenge

EnterpriseWorks and Research Park awarded the Student Startup Tenancy Prize to nine teams that competed in the 2024 Cozad New Venture Challenge.

This prize, which was awarded to Pathlit, AVEA Robotics, Radiant Looms, AminoSense, ClimeCast, Provenance Security, SeriesFarm, Terravate Energy, and Med Terms, includes access to co-working space, conference rooms, common areas, support services, and entrepreneur assistance.

Provenance Security and SeriesFarm received the Catapult Award of $5,000 to be used for startup professional services.

ClimeCast, which joined EnterpriseWorks as a tenant earlier in the year, also won third place with a $25,000 investment. ClimeCast uses AI to optimize decarbonization strategy for commercial real estate. ClimeCast also won the Dr. Paul Magelli Innovation Award, Best Pitch at Finals, as well as the Student Startup Tenancy Prize.

Cozad New Venture Challenge (CNVC) is a campus-wide program run by the Technology Entrepreneur Center that provides mentoring to teams through the phases of venture creation, and resources in idea validation, pitching skills, and customer development. Between the 200 registered teams, 11 campus colleges and 85 majors were represented.

EnterpriseWorks' Gerald Wilson talks to Cozad Participants

The 2024 CNVC kicked off with registration and kickoff events in January and continued throughout the spring semester with workshops, mentorship opportunities, and training for over 500 undergraduate and graduate students. Between the 200 registered teams, 11 campus colleges and 85 majors were represented. The Demo Day on Thursday, April 11, was held at the Illinois Conference Center and featured several members of EnterpriseWorks and Research Park judging student work. The program concluded on Wednesday, April 24, with a Year-End Celebration and Awards Ceremony at the Campus Instructional Facility.

Past participants of the program include EnterpriseWorks graduates Cast21, DeepWalk, Mesh++, PrenosisPsyonic, and Serionix, in addition to EnterpriseWorks startups Natrion and ZiteAI.