Earthsense Robot Gathers Data Under Crop Canopy

Category : EnterpriseWorks
Posted on: January 29, 2018

Earthsense CEO and founder, Chinmay Soman sat down with Agrinews to discuss his company, and the new Earthsense robot, TerraSentia, that  provides field phenotyping from the ground level up.

Earthsense is an EnterpriseWorks affiliate that provides management advice for farmers, ranchers, and other land managers based on valuable on-site data gathered with highest efficiency and modeled with leading machine learning techniques.

The TerraSentia robot was inspired after a couple of researchers from the University of Illinois, Soman included, realized that most of the important events on the field start under the canopy. TerraSentia was created to help capture the actual actionable information rapidly and effectively.

TerraSentia carries sensors to collect data on traits incudling plant health, physiology, stress response and others. These services open possibilities in crop breeding, agriculture product development, product testing, crop research and field scouting by improving the speed and accuracy of in field information.

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