EarthSense awarded patent for the use of AI-ML-based smart applications

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Posted on: July 8, 2024


EarthSense at AgTech Summit 2024

Research Park agtech startup EarthSense was awarded a patent from the United States Trade and Patent Office (USTPO) for the use of AI-ML-based smart application of treatments in plantations, orchards, vineyards, and other permanent cropping systems.

This patent builds on EarthSense’s other patented innovations in robust autonomous navigation, multi-robot deployments, machine vision in challenging agricultural environments, and more.

EarthSense is creating dramatic new possibilities for crop breeders, plant protection product developers, crop scientists, and field agronomists. The company joined EnterpriseWorks in 2016, where it operated until opening an office in the Atkins Building in 2021.

EarthSense’s robots can work tirelessly and precisely around the clock in challenging environments. With edge-optimized AI, they will be deployed anywhere in the world without expensive communication infrastructure. This AI-enabled precise and intelligent application of fertilizers and chemicals will drive yield improvements and reduce environmental harm, leading to significant financial savings.

For more information, visit the EarthSense website or connect with the company on LinkedIn.