Common Ground Publishing Ranked Number 15 in Library for Social Science’s Annual List of World’s Top-Ranked Publishers

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Posted on: December 4, 2014

Common Ground Publishing is thrilled to announce their ranking on the Library of Social Science’s 2014 list of World’s Top Ranked Publishers. They are ranked as fifteenth out of thirty seven publishers on the list. According to the Library of Social Sciences, Common Ground was selected based on their significance, impact, and capacity to attract influential audiences.

Common Ground is based in Champaign, at the University of Illinois Research Park, and is a graduate of its EnterpriseWorks incubator.

Common Ground’s ranking was founded on the Library of Social Science’s lists of criteria, which takes into consideration the total number of titles a publisher promotes during the course of the year, the number of conferences at which they exhibit their books, and the number of times multiple copies of a title were included in the exhibit to support an author event.

 “This is a very exciting honor for us, we have always strived to explicate the power of emerging ideas and this recognition can help to gain appreciation for the amazing work that we do and help propagate our ideal to create the places of intellectual interaction and imagination that our future deserves,” says Common Ground Founder and President Bill Cope.

Common Ground Publishing has issued 77 English-language journals and 13 Spanish-language journals. All of this content is available in both print and digital formats. They boast a backlist of 20,000 articles and 200 books. Common Ground hosts 24 international interdisciplinary academic conferences each year in correlation with their diverse knowledge communities. Their approach to peer review is open and inclusive as it is based on a rigorous and merit-based anonymous peer review processes rather than being a more editor-centric method.

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About Common Ground Publishing                           

Common Ground Publishing has been publishing books and journals since 1984 and boasts 24 knowledge communities which meet in person at annual conferences. Every knowledge community offers an integrated program of action: an international conference, a scholarly journal, a book series and an online dialogue space. More information about Common Ground Publishing and these communities is available at