Bleill Interviewed on the Commons Podcast

Category : Research Park
Posted on: November 7, 2022

Tom Osha, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Economic Development at Wexford Science & Technology, LLC  recently featured Laura Bleill, executive director of the University of Illinois Research Park, on its Commons podcast that features innovation districts and community builders around the globe.

The discussion focuses on the “secret sauce” of the University of Illinois Research Park — talent at scale — as well as the significance of agtech to our tech community.

“Companies recognize that cultivating and developing young talent is not something that’s easily done in the virtual world. One of the things that’s driven people back to the office at  University of Illinois Research Park is working with this young talent on diverse teams,” said Bleill.

“The students have the opportunities of a lifetime, to get in front of C-Suite level leaders in those organizations and that’s the type of attention that those sites are getting from those corporations.”

Listen to the interview HERE. 

Osha and Bleill recorded the interview  at the Association of University Research Parks (AURP) International Conference, held in September in Toronto.