Award-Winning Intern Tonisha Thacker of AARP interviewed for Wired In

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Posted on: August 21, 2018

Tonisha Thacker is an impressive University of Illinois undergraduate student and intern who exemplifies that innovation is not just for engineers and scientists. A double major in Sociology and Chemistry, she won Research Park’s Most Advanced Marketing-Business Development Intern Award at this summer’s Intern Awards. As a Communication/Marketing intern at AARP, manager Miranda Kemp was impressed with her pioneering approaches to cataloguing and communicating the AARP Tech Nest’s successes to the rest of the company and public.

Here are some words about Tonisha from Director of The AARP Tech Nest, Miranda Kemp:

“Tonisha has been able to increase awareness about who we are and what we do at The Tech Nest through her work and social media posts (both internally and externally). She has also helped establish a strong view of AARP in our local community with the volunteer events that she is organizing.”

You can learn more about Tonisha and her accomplishments as an intern in The News-Gazette Wired In feature here.