Automatic Materials Inc. Welcomes Solvay To Investing Team

Categories : EnterpriseWorks, Investments
Posted on: December 1, 2017

Automatic Materials Inc. leads the world in self-healing technology for high-performance coatings, adhesives and sealants.  Located in Champaign, Illinois, AMI’s products offer long term coating performance by transmitting extreme corrosion resistance, maintained adhesion and extended service life. 

Throughout the past two years, many AMPARMORTM products have been introduced for use in powder and industrial coatings. AMI also holds the exclusive rights to patented technology created by Autonomous Materials System (AMS) at the University of Illinois Beckman Institute.

Solvay recently joined Camino Real Capital Partners to co-invest $3 million financing round for AMI.  This funding will be used to increase market penetration and commercialization of the technology of AMI.  

Solvay is a specialty chemical company that develops chemistry that addresses key societal changes.  Solvay partners with customers in global end markets to create products to be used in planes, cars, medical devices, batteries, and many other applications promoting sustainability.  Its headquarters located in Brussels with around 27,000 employees in 58 countries. 

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