Anthony Griffin of Automated Energy Systems Interviewed for The News-Gazette

Category : Features
Posted on: June 12, 2017

This week, cofounder of Automated Energy Systems Anthony Griffin was interviewed for the Wired-In column on The News-Gazette. Coming to EnterpriseWorks, Autonomic Energy Systems prevents fires and extends the lifetime of li-ion batteries. The startup won first prize for Best Energy Startup Award at the 2017 Cozad New Venture Competition. They also won the I-Start prize, which awards a basket of first-year professional services through EnterpriseWorks at Research Park.

Anthony’s role at Automated Energy Systems was inspired by fellow cofounder Scott White, who is also acts Anthony’s academic adviser. After competing in the Cozad New Venture Competition, Anthony recognizes that, “It really helped us develop a sound business plan which complemented the technology, and forced us to think about the real challenges of taking tech from a lab and making in viable in high quantity commerical products.”

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