Alfred Eisaian, IntelinAir CEO, Interviewed by The News-Gazette

Category : Features
Posted on: May 29, 2019

The News-Gazette interviewed Alfred Eisaian, co-founder and CEO of IntelinAir, in its May 26 edition. The article focuses on Eisaian’s background and his role as a high-tech difference-maker in the startup world.

When asked about the purpose of the Champaign office in particular, Eisaian mentions that it is the core of all their scientific work in Artificial Intelligence applied to Ag. He projects decades of growth for IntelinAir at the University of Illinois Research Park, attributing it to the relationship they have with the University of Illinois and the support system at EnterpriseWorks.

The article also talks about what IntelinAir is currently working on. “We are very focused on bringing AI to ag. All of the company efforts are focused on leveraging modern technologies in computer vision, high-resolution imagery, and machine learning to bring actionable insights to growers and their service providers,” Eisaian said.

Eisaian states two lessons that have contributed to his current success. “The biggest lesson I learned early on was that you must take care of your own personal psychology (keep it real and positive) not to drive yourself crazy with anxiety. The other big lesson is that start-ups and innovation are team sports, so make sure you have the right team of high-energy, happy and can-do people on your team.”

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