AgTech Thought Leaders Highlighted in Latest Research Park Podcast

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Posted on: April 3, 2023

The most recent episode of the Innovations @ Research Park Podcast features interviews held on-location with several panelists and speakers from the Research Park’s 8th annual AgTech Summit held on March 7, 2023.

They include:

Kim Kidwell – Associate Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives at UIUC. Discusses UIUC’s continued presence in agtech innovation, among other topics.

Brad Arnold- SVP, General Manager Precision, AGCO Corporation. Discusses trends in precision ag and data management among other topics.

Michael Tai- Co-founder & CEO, Boston Bioprocess. Discusses importance of bioprocessing techniques for agricultural and non-food products such as alternative proteins, among other topics.

Eric Barnard- Co-Founder and CTO at Farmers Risk. Discusses farmer risk management through advanced analytics, among other topics.

Dennis Beard- Managing Partner & Tim Hoerr – CEO, Serra Ventures. Discusses venture capital investment in agtech space, among other topics.

Nick Reinke- CEO, HabiTerre. Discusses quantifying agricultural outcomes, among other topics.

Listen to host Tanmay Shaw’s conversations had with innovators LIVE from the AgTech Innovation Summit in the latest edition of the Innovations @ Research Park Podcast.

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