Agrible’s Michael Hirschi Awarded Highest Honor by ASABE

Category : Recognition & Awards
Posted on: June 15, 2017

Agrible’s Senior Sustainability Advisor Michael Hirschi was awarded as a Grade of Fellow by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The Grade of Fellow is the society’s highest honors, requiring candidates to have 20 years of active engineering experience and be an active ASABE member for 20 years.

Agrible, an EnterpriseWorks graduate startup, produces actionable predictive analytics tools that help growers and agricultural companies increase yields and profitability through field-specific data and forecasts. The company continues to work out of Research Park.

Michael Hirschi first became involved in Agrible when he taught Chris Harbourt, Agrible’s CEO and founder, during both of his graduate degrees. He explains that, “The success of Chris, Paul, Bill, and Luke with Agrible is something I am particularly proud of being connected to and continue to help as I can. There are many other past students as well with whom I stay in touch and help as I can.”

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