Startup Cafe: Gary Eden

Professor Eden is Director of the Laboratory for Optical Physics and Engineering, a laboratory devoted to the study and applications of the interaction of visible and ultraviolet radiation with matter. Recently, the Laboratory demonstrated the first hybrid plasma/semiconductor transistor, the npn plasma bipolar junction transistor. Dr. Eden has authored more than 250 journal publications and 35 awarded patents. He is a co-founder of Eden Park Illumination and EP Purification, two startup companies in Champaign. Eden Park Illumination is a lighting technology company commercializing microplasma for use in new thin, energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Startup Café is a luncheon series in the Research Park to highlight entrepreneurs that have lead their companies and created successes. The forum gives a chance for entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial story and provide their insights on success and things they wish they would have know before getting started.