Startup Cafe: Alex Bratton (Part 1)

Alex Bratton is a serial entrepreneur motivated by a passion for making advanced technology easy for anyone to use. He currently serves as CEO for two Chicago area technology companies, Lextech Global Services and Lextech Labs. Before starting these companies, he founded 7 other technology-focused businesses. Alex has guided the creation of many cutting edge systems, including: a control system for a stabilized rocket launching platform, mapping interface for Navy research sensors, cell phone GPS tracking on web databases, an online magazine publishing system and countless mobile applications for enterprise clients. Alex received his BS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1993. While there, he worked at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications developing network and collaboration applications on the same team that would 2 years later create the Mosaic web browser. He has published multiple articles in industry magazines, engages in public speaking events, like the upcoming ISC West conference and is in the process of writing the book, Mobile Video 101.