University of Illinois EDA University Center

EDA University Center at the University of Illinois: Entrepreneur in Residence Program (EIR) – REQUEST FOR CONSULTING PROPOSALS

The University of Illinois Research Park (UIRP LLC) and EnterpriseWorks Incubator at the University of Illinois are offering small business assistance and counseling services to startup businesses located in Illinois south of interstate 80 through the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program (EIR). This extension of the current Research Park EIR program is supported through the EDA University Center at the University of Illinois. The EDA University Center is funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Program

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program hires experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts to provide hourly consulting to new startup ventures and prospective entrepreneurs. EIRs provide meaningful business development assistance, communication strategy counseling, and investor preparedness. The EIR program also has training events for entrepreneurs based on topics identified in client counseling as areas of need and to cover basic fundamentals most entrepreneurs face such as: intellectual property basics, business development and sales, SBIR/STTR grant writing, and investor options and negotiations. The EIRs provide reporting on; clients served, milestones achieved, and areas of need for the entrepreneurs they serve to help the regional center better understand challenges and successes. The program has been helpful for early stage entrepreneurs and inventors seeking guidance and among startups that have not been funded by venture capitalists.

Entrepreneur in Residence Consultant Responsibilities

The EDA University Center Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is looking to add consultants with expertise in counseling entrepreneurs. Ideal candidates would be experienced entrepreneurs, have experience building companies, obtaining venture capital funding, developing and selling products, navigating startup company sales, mergers and acquisitions of small businesses. Candidates would have experience mentoring or coaching small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Consultants will be selected based on expertise, geography, and cost effectiveness. EnterpriseWorks will facilitate the process of finding clients for assistance through a network of partnerships throughout Illinois. Clients will be referred to the consultants for assistance. Additionally, the EDA University Center EIRs will provide workshops to startups and entrepreneurs.

  • Through this program the consultants will provide guidance to Illinois entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout Central Illinois.

  • Assistance will be provided through one on one mentoring as well as group training workshops.

Entrepreneur in Residence Consultant Competencies / Requirements

UIRP LLC and EnterpriseWorks Incubator are currently seeking proposals and qualifications from interested consultants to offer these services in Illinois. The following qualifications and backgrounds are ideal:

  • Successful record of working with startups and small business in Illinois.

  • Experience teaching entrepreneurial topics.

  • Prior experience mentoring startup companies with successful outcomes achieved.

  • Experience counseling small businesses and providing a strong mentoring rapport with clients.

  • Professional liability insurance is preferred.

  • Consultants will be working with small businesses based in Illinois, travel across Illinois is required for workshops.

  • Ability to have conference calls and/or Skype or web based meetings with small businesses is required.

Entrepreneur in Residence Consultant Positions

UIRP LLC and EnterpriseWorks Incubator are currently seeking Entrepreneur-in-Residence consultants, this program may be filled with one or more consultants. Selection of qualified consultants is a competitive process. Proposals for the consulting roles should identify the areas of the program and expertise areas. Each consultant is expected to provide 10 – 20 hours a month of small business and entrepreneurship consulting and training workshop. Geographic considerations for availability in Illinois should be identified along with hourly consulting rates. Consultants should provide a resume or CV, in addition to a proposal with information regarding experiences working with startups and entrepreneurs, and details of delivery of services anticipated for this program. The EIR program is supported by a five year grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration. Proposals may include multi-year delivery plans, but all consulting awards will be awarded and renewed annually. Successful consultants in the program will not need to reapply with qualifications annually, but will need to confirm program parameters and cost proposals annually.

  • Small business and entrepreneur consulting is anticipated to be 10 – 20 hours a month in areas of Illinois. Please identify the regions of Illinois you are able to provide consulting in person or a plan for remote delivery of consulting services. Please provide an hourly consulting rate for technical assistance. Please detail proposed travel reimbursement if needed.

All interested candidates should email a proposal, cover letter, and resume to Marissa Siero at .