Shared Services Program

EnterpriseWorks is offering a Shared Services Program to help entrepreneurs in the Research Park with project needs.

We have a diverse team of student specialists and supplemental part-time staff to help work on projects for small businesses in the Research Park. Let our team help your company with projects that you may not otherwise be able to complete on your own. Shared Services is a free service and we are here to help you! To request a project, please submit an application here!

Project Examples include:  

  • Business Plan Assistance

  • Web Development/Design

  • Pitch Presentation Review

  • Graphic/Logo Design

  • Market Assessment

  • Proofreading/Editing

  • Business Development Strategy

  • Public Relations Assistance

  • Lead Generation/Sales Strategy

  • Lab Setup

  • Product Planning/Pricing

  • Equipment Training

  • Human Resources/Hiring Employees

  • Website Marketing/AdWords

  • Marketing/Branding

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Server Setup

  • Data Analysis

The slideshow from the Summer 2014 Presentation can be found here.

To request a project, please submit an application.