Business Plan Competitions

Cozad New Venture Competition
There needs to be one UIUC enrolled student actively involved in the company to apply.

Lemelson Prize for Innovation
Prize of $30K awarded to a UIUC student for excellence in invention.

Illinois Launch
Run through the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership with no requirement for the entrepreneur to be enrolled at UIUC. They are seeking involvement of students and recent UIUC alumni. Teams (companies) in Illinois Launch get e-ship support, including financial support if they are selected for up to $15K in expenses, and IVentures helps provide additional funding of companies that interest them.

A business plan competition that typically seeks more developed startups seeking an A round of funding.

Innovate Illinois
An annual state of Illinois statewide competition for entrepreneurs with prize money for finalists. The competition is held every fall and is organized through the E-Centers in the State with the Chicagoland Entrepeneur Center taking the lead.

NCIIA Grants
With support from The Lemelson Foundation, the NCIIA awards approximately 2 million dollars in grants annually to U.S. colleges and universities in support of technology innovation and entrepreneurship with a positive social impact.

Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition 
With more than $1 mil­lion in cash win­nings, the AMIC tar­gets mid-to-late-stage busi­ness start-ups with poten­tial to gen­er­ate an imme­di­ate impact on Michigan’s econ­omy, as well as stu­dent con­cepts with longer-term busi­ness viability.