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Aptimmune Biologics Inc. recently launched the worlds first commercially avaiable mucosal autogenous PRRSV vaccine for swine, administered via nasal spray. The vaccine was made with BARRICADE formulation technology, which offers a revolutionary approach to PRRSV management. 


CHAMPAIGN -- Aptimmune Biologics was selected by The Yield Lab, a St. Louis-based agriculture technology business accelerator and investor, to participate in a nine-month program designed to support emerging ag tech companies. Aptimmune Biologics was chosen from among 120 applicants to participate in the program for 2016 and represents The Yield Labs first animal health investment.


Company will create new swine vaccines based on advanced mucosal technology   

New CEO joins the company to drive development and commercialization

CHAMPAIGN, Illinois – July 9, 2015 – Aptimmune Biologics, a mucosal vaccine company developing novel swine vaccines for PRRSV and influenza virus, has received $2.75 million of funding from Arsenal Capital Management, Fox Ventures LLC, and a group of Midwest angel investors.