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Samuel Walder, University of Illinois graduate and founder of the startup Trala, was featured on this week's Wired-In column. Trala is an app that helps violin and viola players learn music faster with fewer errors by tracking practice time and providing feedback by providing sheet music and providing instant feedback to the musicians after they are done playing. 


Automatic Materials Inc. leads the world in self-healing technology for high-performance coatings, adhesives and sealants.  Located in Champaign, Illinois, AMI's products offer long term coating performance by transmitting extreme corrosion resistance, maintained adhesion and extended service life. 

Throughout the past two years, many AMPARMORTM products have been introduced for use in powder and industrial coatings. AMI also holds the exclusive rights to patented technology created by Autonomous Materials System (AMS) at the University of Illinois Beckman Institute.

TENANT: Agrible | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

Senior vice president of technology at Agrible, Brent Trenhaile, was recently featured in The News-Gazette for his work with Agrible and Anheuser Busch InBev.  Agrible has partnered with AB InBev to give barley growers useful information and to give them insights on how to grow crops more efficiently.  By taking the information gathered, Agrible and AB InBev are both able to build a global sustainability view by collecting data on the malted barley supply chain, water use, land efficiency and carbon footprints. 


Aptimmune Biologics, Inc. once again breaks through industry barriers by commercializing the first inactivated musosal vaccine for Influenza A virus in swine, administered via nasal spray. This vaccine helps provide veternarians and swine producers a new way to combat these diseases that can create costly and horrific results as they spread through swine. The vaccine is safe to use, and accurately manages these respirtatory diseases. 

TENANT: Intelinair

Granatus Ventures, an Armenian based venture capital firm, has made an investment in EnterpriseWorks startup, IntelinAir. 

IntelinAir creates an intelligence system, AgMRI, that provides farmers actionable in-season insights through aerial imagery analytics. AgMRI is able to detect emergence issues, weeds, nutrient deficiencies, outbreaks, infestations and more. 


This year, Research Park occupancy reached an all-time high at a staggering 97 percent. With the welcoming of more agricultural, financial services, and global companies, collaboration between innovative businesses, students and faculty have never been greater. Research Park is now home to 110+ companies and employs more than 600 student interns.


AgFunder News highlights 20 remote sensing startups, sorted by their main sources of data such as satellites, drones, airplanes, and ground-based sensors.

EnterpriseWorks graduate Agrible is named one of the most prominent players that rely on a combination of drone/airplane-based imagery. Agrible focuses on providing innovative science that farmers and ag companies can use easily every day to improve their production with cloud-based delivery systems, their core offering being the Morning Farm Report.


Inprentus, a recent EnterpriseWorks gradute, has announced this week that it has been selected to participate in a project by NASA. 

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

PhotoniCare, Inc. was chosen as one of ten companies to participate in the Young Enterprise Initiative (YEi) Start in France program.


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