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CHAMPAIGN – Veriflow Systems, an EnterpriseWorks tenant, has announced that they have raised $8.2 million in Series A funding. The fundraising effort was led by Menlo Ventures, and follows the nearly $3 million effort in April.

Veriflow Systems develops an online network security software. They use verification technology to help protect networks against hackers and outages. Veriflow plans on using the funds to hire more engineers, work on its sales force, and boost their marketing across the industry.

TENANT: Intelliwheels | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – On Sunday, July 3, Josh George was named as one of the Paralympians to represent Team USA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

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CHAMPAIGN – Last week more than 5,500 AbbVie employees in over 50 countries participated in their company’s “Week of Possibilities.” AbbVie’s third annual global service event is meant to provide a positive impact on underrepresented communities through local grassroots projects. The AbbVie Innovation Center here at Research Park volunteered at the Champaign I.D.E.A. Store. The site Director, Masha Trenhaile, said of the project “AbbVie Innovation Center helped spruce up the I.D.E.A.

TENANT: Agrible | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Chicago Inno, one of Chicago’s premier tech and business publications, lauded Agrible’s new tool, the Sustainable Sourcing Yield Program. The program is designed to help growers communicate their sustainability practices through the market chain to the consumer.


CHAMPAIGN – Smile Politely, the online Champaign-Urbana life and culture magazine, recently published their BEST Tech 2016 article. The article highlights local people, places, and ideas that are making a splash in the tech scene.

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- Zero Percent, an EnterpriseWorks graduate, won the 2016 Moxie Award as Best Social Impact Startup on June 16. Awards are presented to 14 of Chicago's most innovative digital tech companies, beginning at 7,000 nominees that were narrowed down to 70 finalists. The 14 winners were judged on their growth, innovation and ability to promote entrepreneurship and technology in Chicago. 

TENANT: Quicket Solutions | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- Quicket Solutions, an EnterpriseWorks tenant, has created a new technology to improve ticket writing for police officers. Instead of writing tickets by hand, a process that may take an unideal amount of time, tickets can now be written and transmitted digitally. This development decreases the amount of time spent writing a ticket, thus decreasing the time an officer spends standing on the side of the road risking his/her life. 

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- PhotoniCare, an EnterpriseWorks tenant, was featured as a medical device company that needs to be known after winning the 2016 Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology CRAASH prize for Excellence in Innovation. 

PhotoniCare is the creator of the the ClearView imaging tool that uses an advanced light-based technology to see through the eardrum, thus allowing physicians to accurately diagnose ear infections.

Other medical device companies mentioned in the article to keep an eye out for include NERv, Redox, Blumio, and DreamUp Vision.

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CHAMPAIGN – Lucas Frye, CEO of Amber Agriculture, was spotlighted by the News Gazette as a ‘high tech difference maker.’ Amber Agriculture, a company that helps farmers better manage their crops post-harvest, is the winner of the 2016 Cozad New Venture Challenge.

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Tiesta Tea, a 2011 EnterpriseWorks graduate, was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business.