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TENANT: Quicket Solutions | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- Quicket Solutions, an EnterpriseWorks tenant, has created a new technology to improve ticket writing for police officers. Instead of writing tickets by hand, a process that may take an unideal amount of time, tickets can now be written and transmitted digitally. This development decreases the amount of time spent writing a ticket, thus decreasing the time an officer spends standing on the side of the road risking his/her life. 

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- PhotoniCare, an EnterpriseWorks tenant, was featured as a medical device company that needs to be known after winning the 2016 Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology CRAASH prize for Excellence in Innovation. 

PhotoniCare is the creator of the the ClearView imaging tool that uses an advanced light-based technology to see through the eardrum, thus allowing physicians to accurately diagnose ear infections.

Other medical device companies mentioned in the article to keep an eye out for include NERv, Redox, Blumio, and DreamUp Vision.

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Lucas Frye, CEO of Amber Agriculture, was spotlighted by the News Gazette as a ‘high tech difference maker.’ Amber Agriculture, a company that helps farmers better manage their crops post-harvest, is the winner of the 2016 Cozad New Venture Challenge.

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Tiesta Tea, a 2011 EnterpriseWorks graduate, was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business.

TENANT: Serra Ventures | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Two Research Park affiliates were highlighted this week for their fundraising teamwork. TrackBill [formerly TrakBill], a 2013 EnterpriseWorks graduate, runs a nationwide state and federal legislative tracking platform. Serra Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm based at Research Park.

TENANT: Intelliwheels | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Steven Wolfram, founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, toured the EnterpriseWorks building on June 10. Wolfram met with several startups that are tenants at EnterpriseWorks, including IntelliWheels (pictured above Paralympian Josh George).

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – SoIL Diagnostics, Inc., an EnterpriseWorks affiliate, will be featured on WILL-AM’s “The 21st” with Niala Boodhoo at 11:30am on June 10. The program runs on PBS AM station 580. The program will include a panel discussion on solving nitrate runoff issues in soil, a problem which SoIL Diagnostics, Inc. is helping solve.

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Lori Gold Patterson, the CEO of Pixo, will be honored this week as Parkland College’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Patterson serves as an EIR at Research Park - a role she believes is one of her favorites - a role where she can make an impact on future leaders.


CHAMPAIGN – Three EnterpriseWorks startups will be amongst 10 companies that will pitch their products and ideas related to cyber security, big data, collaboration technologies and IoT.

CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN – Lucas Smith, CEO of BioAnalytics Inc., was spotlighted by the News Gazette’s Paul Wood as a ‘high tech difference maker.’ BioAnalytics Inc. is an affiliate of the EnterpriseWorks startup incubator.

Smith founded BioAnalytics after seeing the need to advance the technology centered on disease indication. With the help of Smith’s freshman year roommate, brother, and grant aid, BioAnalytics has been able to develop new equipment and processes to make indication faster and more efficient.