Champaign Named the Fastest Growing City in Illinois

June 27, 2017

Based on the US Census Bureau annual population estimates, Business Insider found Champaign, Illinois as the city with the highest percent change in population between July 1, 2015, and July 1, 2016 in the state of Illinois. During the time between these dates, Champaign has grown in population by 1.2%.

Research Park has been experiencing similar population growth within the city of Champaign. In 2017, Research Park has increased employment to 1,711 employees, as compared to 1,618 in 2016. With over 100 companies located at Research Park, our FY2017 census shows that the park grows in population at an average rate of 14.30% every year. Our FY2018 census will be published later this summer.

For the full Business Insider census, click here.