Agrible and IntelinAir Named in the Most Prominent Remote Sensing Companies

November 14, 2017

AgFunder News highlights 20 remote sensing startups, sorted by their main sources of data such as satellites, drones, airplanes, and ground-based sensors.

EnterpriseWorks graduate Agrible is named one of the most prominent players that rely on a combination of drone/airplane-based imagery. Agrible focuses on providing innovative science that farmers and ag companies can use easily every day to improve their production with cloud-based delivery systems, their core offering being the Morning Farm Report.

EnterpriseWorks startup IntelinAir is recognized as one of the most prominent players that rely on either drone or airplane-based data. IntelinAir’s provides farmers in-season insights through aerial imagery analytics powered by traditional computer vision, modern machine learning methodologies and agronomic science.

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