Startup Cafe: Roger Dickey

Roger Dickey is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and founder of Mafia Wars and dozens of Facebook games. He entered the game industry in in 2007 when he started a company that built a portfolio of 20 Facebook apps, the largest drawing 300M monthly page views. After selling to Zynga in 2008, Roger went on to found Mafia Wars, which reached 46M users by 2010. In his 3 years at Zynga he also founded FishVille (30M users) and 5 other titles, as well as serving as a product advisor to the India, Japan, and China offices. Since leaving Zynga, Roger has started a new company in San Francisco. Alongside this he continues to invest in & advise startups including Facebook, Addepar, DotCloud, E La Carte, Internmatch, Identified, Wanelo, Spool, Wanderfly, and more. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in 2005.