Caterpillar Data Innovation Lab with Beth Ladd

2017 Entrepreneurial Excellence: Management Award Finalist

Award Description: Demonstrates expertise in assembling resources, creating an organization, and working to build and implement effective action plans.

Beth Ladd currently leads the Analytics Research & Development function at Caterpillar. Additionally, she is the site director for the Caterpillar Data Innovation Lab at University of Illinois Research Park. The lab is the first Caterpillar facility to develop analytic solutions to address business challenges at the periphery of current Caterpillar boundaries. Beth has over 15 years of experience in Information Science including: data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics strategy development, and operations and delivery. She has a successful track record of enabling results by creating healthy, diverse organizational cultures/teams and a successful track record of fostering relationships, creating partnerships and leading to produce results with data science and technology.