Illinois Marathon Events and Research Park Impact

April 26, 2016
The Illinois Marathon is coming! Most of the events are on Saturday, April 30. The 5K will take place on Friday night, April 29. The starting line for the 5K is on Oak St approximately 300 feet north of the EnterpriseWorks parking lot entrance. Although the race does not start until 7:30 pm, preparations will begin at 3:00 pm. According to organizers, access to the EnterpriseWorks parking lot entrance should not (no guarantees) become an issue until 5:30 pm and later.  They are expecting 8,000 runners for the 5K alone. 

The EnterpriseWorks parking  lot is also a designated parking area for the marathon on both Friday and Saturday.  If you are working on Saturday, you will want to get in early in order to grab a parking spot.  The starting line for Saturday’s race is located at First St and St Mary’s Rd.