EIR Workshops

The Research Park created an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program that hires local experienced technology entrepreneurs to provide monthly consulting to new startup ventures and prospective technology entrepreneurs. By sourcing this talent from the local region, the program selects peers that have faced similar challenges in commercializing research/early stage technology and are able to provide advice on their own path to successfully attracting investment, revenue, and industrial clients. 

These workshops are for Research Park EIRs to share their wisdom, stories, and advice with the audience. To find upcoming EIR Workshops, check the Calendar.

Past Workshops

  • Your Go-To Market Strategy with Karin O'Connor
  • A Career of Lessons Learned with Ed Moore
  • Personal Branding with James Janega
  • If I Could Do It Over with Craig Vodnik
  • Business Model Building Blocks with Karin O'Connor
    Presentation Video
  • Diversity in the Workplace with Lori Patterson
    Presentation Video
  • Business Idea Validation with Harlee Sorkin
    Presentation Video
  • M&A for High-Tech Startups with Rob Schultz
    Presentation Video
  • Preparing Your Pitch with James Janega
    Presentation Video
  • Exit Strategies for the Tech Business with Alan Singleton
    Presentation Video
  • Angel Investing 101 with Karin O'Connor
    Presentation Video
  • Essential Elements of Startup Excellence with Tim Hoerr
  • Building an Effective PR Strategy Through Relationships with Craig Vodnik
    Presentation Video
  • Straight Talk on Raising Money from Investors with Karin O'Connor
  • Technology Commercialization with Chad Stiening
  • Startup Sales with Lori Patterson
  • What's Your Story? with James Janega
  • 7 Mistakes Scaling Companies Make with Craig Vodnik