UI Engineer (Contractor)

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User Experience/Graphic Design
User Experience, Design (DEPRECIATED)
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  • Work with program managers and technical staffs and understand the specifications of each project in terms of its public exposure, audiences and internal documentation needs

  • Assist with designs of both backend and frontend visual representations for desired programs/applications, including but not implemented to web app, mobile app and desktop app.

  • Implement both backend and frontend designs using appropriate languages and tools

  • Assist various teams in building technical documentation in wiki-style infrastructure and templates for internal communications.

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • B.S. in computer science and related fields, Mater preferred

  • Previous experience in web and mobile app frontend and backend design with Node.JS, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, MongoDB, Java. Etc

  • Previous experience in tooling framework like Visual Studio Code extension, Eclipse Plug-in is a plus

  • Previous technical project and technical information/documentation tools such as markdown, wiki is a plus.

  • Experience in an academic institution or a technology company is preferred.

Please email Misha.Shah@Huawei.com with your resume.