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May 14, 2017 — Job opening announcement: Student Intern

We are seeking a student intern with interest in automation, robotics, UX design, and/or web-development.  Additional experience or interest in the following is also positive but not necessary:

•       web-based development

•       machine code and assembly programming

•       embedded software and wireless technology

•       robotics

•       Java

•       user testing

•       graphic design

•       movement practice such as sports, yoga, or dance

Most importantly, we are seeking an enthusiastic, independent learner and creative designer to work as a member of our team. The position is expected to start no sooner than June 2017 and no later than August 2017. 

Who we are: AE Machines is working to make automation accessible to a broad group of people and businesses.  The company was founded by two engineers, and we are looking to make key additions to our development team.  Our product is a web-based software platform that allows nontechnical users to set up simple automated systems. We are looking for engineers to scale up an initial proof-of-concept demo to an industrially-viable prototype in the space of small-batch manufacturing and collaborative robotics.

Our team: Our team consists of four employees, Amy, who is also a UIUC faculty member in the area of robotics, Eric, a CS and MBA grad, Craig, a physics PhD with years of experience, and Hunter, our UX designer and in-house artist. Amy and Eric are co-founders, and that’s one of the reasons we’re AE Machines.  More info on us is available at

Typical tasks in our office:  Our office is located in the EnterpriseWorks Incubator at the University of Illinois Research Park.  The types of tasks going on in our office are:

— designing website frontend layout and workflow

— adding functionality to website by adding supported hardware and designing motion primitives

— adjusting CSS styling to accommodate new graphics layout

— designing website backend architecture and data structures

— brainstorming additional product features and strategizing on feature implementation

— writing use cases for the product

— creating presentation slides for upcoming pitches

— visiting factories and potential customers to assess needs and to integrate solutions

How to apply: Interested parties should send their resumes to with a brief note articulating their interest in the position.