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LifeFoundry is a startup in the University of Illinois Research Park that uses fully automated synthetic biology to engineer organisms for the production of value-added chemicals. Using robotic and advanced algorithms we hope to take biotechnology R&D to a whole new level.

 We are looking for an intern or a full-time Research Engineer with molecular and microbial biology laboratory experience to join us in the effort of revolutionizing biotechnology research. You will work closely with the automation engineers in a multidisciplinary environment on the development of high-throughput biomanufacturing processes and analytical assays. We would love to have you on board for this exciting journey! 


  • Developing high-throughput molecular and microbial protocols.
  • Performing DNA manipulations, cell cultures, molecular and chemical analysis.
  • Performing Data acquisition, processing, and analysis
  • Preparing reagent, consumables, and other supplies for automated workflows as well as general lab use.


  • The full-time research engineer should have a BS degree and above in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, bioengineering, chemical engineering or related fields.
  • The intern position is open to students in the above majors with Junior standing or above.
  • >2 year of lab experience, preferably in synthetic biology, molecular biology, or metabolic engineering
  • Proficient in basic DNA, protein, and microbial operations
  • Excited to join a fast-paced interdisciplinary team working on a variety of challenging projects
  • Self-motivated and able to work under minimal supervision
  • Able to solve problems with methodical and critical thinking

We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out the application form and we will contact you to learn more about you and how can your skills match our needs.


At LifeFoundry, we embrace diversity and are committed to attracting qualified candidates with all backgrounds.