Laboratory Assistant

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Laboratory Assistant


Energy Driven Technologies is looking to hire students to work part-time in our Research and Development lab at EnterpriseWorks.  We are a small startup working to translate our surface modification technology into real-world products.  We are looking for individuals who have a technical background, laboratory experience, and a drive to create exciting new products. 



·       Perform material modification experiments

·       Follow safety protocols for safe handling of materials and operation of equipment

·       Work collaboratively to design experiments and analyze results

·       Interface with UIUC students on joint-projects

·       Assist in developing new products and identifying potential commercial applications


Required Skills

·       Engineering, science, technology, or related background with a strong preference for majors related to materials science, plasma physics, and biomaterials

·       Laboratory experience – procedural hands-on experience with laboratory equipment, sample preparation and handling, and data recording

·       Technical writing – organizing, summarizing, and presenting technical results

·       Vacuum technology experience not necessary, but valued