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Are you someone who would be interested in why “adverse effect” and “adverse reaction” are considered synonymous, but “side effect” is not? 
Students who love language, words, puzzles, and medical terminology needed!
NO medical education or medical terminology experience required.

Looking to make a difference in healthcare? Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) is changing the future of healthcare in ways you may never have considered. Become a part of the team behind medical terminology solutions that support over 80% of US clinicians.

Entering patient information into medical record systems without IMO is a lot like trying to search/utilize the internet without any natural language processing. Our software solutions allow physicians to focus on CARE not on CODES, providing not only google-esque searching but also specialized “helper” drop-downs to ensure that the medical record captures the physicians’ intent, and that the patient information translates properly into billing and other code systems to facilitate payment and treatment.

IMO is rapidly expanding its terminology software into all segments of the healthcare industry. At IMO, a core team of clinicians, software developers and engineers combines computer science and medical expertise to help patients and healthcare professionals access high quality health information quickly and easily to improve total patient health. IMO is a privately held multi-million dollar corporation enjoying explosive growth. 

Our interns work side-by-side with our knowledge team experts, working on real-world data, assisting clinicians all over the US to implement and gain benefit from the gold standard for medical terminology! 

Teams/Areas: We offer summer or summer-to-school-year internships in multiple teams and areas, including:

  1. Knowledge Team Operations, Medical Term Analyst - working side-by-side with full time staff in analyzing incoming data from our Electronic Health Record (EHR) partners, clinicians' offices, and master coding systems
  2. Knowledge Team Operations Infrastructure:
    1. working side-by-side with a very small, close-knit team that provide the support, database and software tools needed to make the Medical Terminology Analysts Successful
    2. SQL, Database Management or Project Management Skills/Interests are recommended for this unique opportunity

Please Apply If You Have A Good Combination of the Following Skills & Attributes:

  • Pursuing or new graduate with degree in a related subject area - such as library science, linguistics, philosophy, pre-med/vet/pharmacy, hospital administration, humanities, life sciences, Computer Science
  • A love of words and language and/or word puzzles / games 
  • A genuinely organized approach to thinking with a desire to truly understand patterns, processes and guidance
  • An existing knowledge of SQL or a desire to learn the basics of database management and queries to accelerate your work flows
  • Strong analytic skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to perform tasks with little direction
  • An enjoyment of technical challenges and eagerness to explore new approaches
  • A willingness to ask for help and to communicate what you need to do your best work
Where Is This Internship Located Exactly and What Does Summer/School Year mean?
  1. Locations - Students are welcome to intern at either location, and many intern at NB during the summer but at UIUC during the school year.
    1. ​Headquarters at Northbrook IL
    2. Internship-focused innovation office at the University of Illinois Research Park location. 
  2. Summer, with/without Semesters- IMO offers internships both for summer only, and also for those students who wish to work full time summer, plus work part time (10-20 hours per week on average) during the school year. The training program is exceptionally thorough and in-depth, and students are strongly encouraged to consider working not only summer with us but also part time during their school terms if available.  
    1. Summers only - with the opportunity to reapply to return future summers;
    2. Summer/Fall;*
    3. Summer/Spring;*
    4. Summer/Fall & Spring;*
    5. Co-op assignment* - work full time summer plus full time during a school semester is also a possibility for a student who has worked at least one summer term and needs to take off a semester for financial, scheduling or other reasons.
*Offers for additional semesters assumes successful training and summer internship. All internships are 'at will' and an internship is not a guaranteed time period of work.

Additional Value To You:

  • Extensive Industry/Organizational Training
  • Extensive Linguistics, Medical-terminology specific training
  • Career Development group training and individual coaching (presentation skills, business professionalism, business etiquette, résumé workshop, etc.)
  • Social events
  • Fun work environment
  • Extensive mentor program designed to build life-long connections
  • IMO genuinely encourages efficiency and welcomes feedback. Many times our interns have provided suggestive feedback in ways in which our internship program, our products, and our internal tools could be improved


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