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Hey you! Yes, you the one with the puzzled expression, squinting at your computer screen, reading this. You know there’s a reason you clicked on this job posting. I know that there’s a reason you clicked on this job posting. Let’s just lay all our cards on the table, shall we?A little birdy might have whispered in our ear that you’re looking for a sick internship with flexible hours, competitive pay, and a great environment. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we have to offer!


  • Experience and that fresh finesse with iOS development (iPad, iPhone). A buttload of brownie points and expedited consideration for employment for you if you have an App in the App Store.
  • 10/10 Swift skills, and at least a 7/10 Objective-C understanding. Do you also have a firm grasp on that tricky Object-Oriented design? Boom, consider yourself interviewed.
  • Understanding of universal storyboards for responsive layouts on multiple device types
  • Experience troubleshooting complex applications. 
  • Communication skills? Gotta be outta the roof, buddy.
  • Highly capable of peer-to-peer collaboration and team-oriented projects. The Syngenta Collaboration Station doesn’t mess around; we’re getting letterman jackets to commemorate how serious we are about that fresh teamwork.


  • Being able, from time to time, to take lead on app development or specific iOS-related projects. Show some of that crisp initiative, sport!
  • Design and execute user-centric features on iOS devices.
  • Produce, on your own, and in collaboration with your peers, high-quality software. If ever mediocre quality software is ever delivered, you will have to sit in the Corner of Shame™ and listen to Darude Sandstorm, on loop, for an hour.
  • Be willing to learn, adapt and grow.
  • Collaborate with a team of fellow skilled developers.


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