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Modeling Center Intern for ADM at Research Park

The engineering modeling intern will use engineering skills to create models of industrial chemical and biochemical processes that are of current interest to ADM. These models will predict the behavior of unit operations involved in the production of bio-based chemicals, or other agricultural based products. These unit operations are the ones that any chemical engineer is familiar with and currently used in chemical process industry. The modeling intern will use modeling languages and environments such as Aspen Plus suite, Excel, VB, and the resulting models will be used in process optimization and cost estimation.

The intern will preferably be one that has recently obtained his/her Chemical Engineering degree or a similar one. The intern may work forty hours per week or twenty hours per week at the ADM Sustainable Bioenergy Modeling Center, interacting with ADM scientists and engineers located at the Center and other ADM locations. Candidates may also be currently enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a graduate student or have senior standing starting in Fall 2018. Candidates will be enrolled in chemical engineering curriculum or similar.

Successful completions of a pre-employment drug screen and background check are required.


ADM is an EEO Employer


Gustavo Dassori

Archer Daniels Midland


Sustainable BioEnergy Modeling Center Manager

2021 S., First St., Ste.112

Champaign, IL 61820

Phone # (217) 693 4033

Cell Phone # (217) 412 2167