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Job Description


Hiring Company:          The U.S. office of a large Japanese starch manufacturer
Employment Type:         Full Time
Location:                Champaign, Illinois
Reports to:              Company headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

The hiring company is a large Japanese corn starch manufacturer with a 150-year history.  The company’s office in Illinois buys corn in the U.S. and ships it to Japan.  Some corn is purchased through trading companies and some is purchased directly. Japanese language skills, native English speaker and U.S. citizenship or green card required for this position.

Job Title: Grain Purchaser / Merchandiser

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain relationships with grain suppliers in the U.S. as appropriate to ensure a consistent, stable, supply of corn.
  • Purchase the required amount of grain at the best possible price, taking into consideration quality, grain type and logistics.
  • Gather, analyze, centrally organize and communicate to Japan information on the trends in the U.S. corn market.
  • Oversee the contracts required for grain purchases.
  • Coordinate, arrange and oversee all storage and transportation of purchased corn from the point of origin to delivery in Japan.
  • Maintain accurate records related to the purchasing and transporting of corn.
  • Arrange and track appropriate insurance as needed during storage and transportation.
  • Maintain records which document the quality and identity of corn types (Non-GMO) as necessary.


  • Native English language speaker with Japanese language proficiency sufficient for doing business in Japanese, including strong verbal and written communication in both languages.
  • We are willing to teach or support on-the-job training for the appropriate candidate who lacks experience in grain merchandising but is willing to learn.
  • Open to all majors; good understanding of agribusiness is a plus.
  • Work experience with export logistics of grain or other commodities a plus.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Willing to travel.
  • Uphold all legal, compliance and confidentiality standards set by the company.
  • Proficiency in Japanese or Willingness to learn Japanese is a must


We are also looking for students who would like to work as interns at any time.

Time-frame, salary and work location for interns are negotiable.