GPU Performance Engineer

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Job Summary


We are a Blockchain Startup company working with Ethereum and Zcash. We operate a high density Data Center with GPU servers to verify transactions on Ethereum and Zcash Blockchains. We build our servers from the ground up and work with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. We are seeking a GPU Performance Engineer to join our team. 


Key Qualifications

  • Excellent programming skills and knowledge of C/C++
  • Knowledge of CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, or other GPU APIs
  • Excellent software design, problem solving and debugging skills
  • Knowledge of GPU hardware and software architecture 


  • Build servers with AMD and Nvidia GPUs
  • Install drivers and mining software for verifying transactions on the Blockchain
  • Monitor GPU performance 
  • Overclock and optimize GPU performance
  • Carry out minor repairs and troubleshoot GPUs



Technical BS/MS degree


Additional Requirements


- Experience developing graphics performance and profiling tools a plus 

- Experience with performance optimizations a plus

- Systems engineering experience or low-level hardware experience a plus