Frontend Data Engineer at Oath:/Yahoo!

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A Little About Us

Oath is one of the premier destinations on the Internet. This means that we rely on massively scalable, widely distributed, highly performant, and efficient software systems. If you want to help solve complex software problems for systems like these, we are looking for you.

Oath’s Advertising & Data Systems team works on one of the biggest online advertising data sets in the world. We are responsible for providing fast, clean, and relevant data for Yahoo’s advertising businesses. We are developing next generation technologies to enrich our advertiser and user experience through complex, scalable ad platforms, with ever growing and interesting challenges.

A Lot About You

We're looking for world-class, fun-loving engineers to join our team in Champaign, Illinois where you will have the opportunity to help develop high speed advertising data solutions from data collection to large scale data manipulation to long term data storage and low-latency retrieval, reporting, and analytical systems.

We are looking for software engineers at various experience levels to analyze requirements; investigate optimal software solutions; architect, design, implement and test those solutions; and support our globally deployed data collection and handling software.

Your Day

You will spend your days doing things like:

  • Working through documents and conversations with colleagues to understand product requirements for new features
  • Shaping those requirements into design documents and software implementation
  • Testing and debugging both your own software and some written by others
  • Analyzing and refactoring existing software to enhance its reliability, performance, supportability, and operability
  • Playing with your friends in some of our local games and contests, from trivia to table tennis, puzzle building, escape rooms and more.
  • Helping your team figure out priorities and processes and what’s next 

You Must Have

  • A solid Computer Science foundation in data structures and algorithms, object oriented programming, and modern software engineering practices from your achievement of obtaining a degree in CS or a similar engineering pursuit.
  • Expertise with basic web development languages like JavaScript and HTML5
  • Facility with modern client side MVC web development stack technologies such as Angular, Ember, React, or Node
  • The ability to use an object oriented programming language like Java or C++, scripting languages like Python or Perl, and Unix or Linux systems.
  • Excellent design, coding, debugging and testing skills
  • The ability to work with large-scale distributed systems
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent problem solving and organizational skills
  • Great team-working capabilities in an agile development environment
  • Willingness to engage productively with others in the industry through the mechanisms of open source software
  • The passion to build great products, work with great people and change the world

If this describes you, then we have a career for you at our place. Resumes should go to